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Henderson Medical Billing Solutions is the premier medical billing company that specializes in simplifying the medical billing process for healthcare providers so they get paid faster.  Partnering with us results in eliminating stress, saving time and receiving faster reimbursements.  We increase practice productivity, maximize revenue and decrease costs. Henderson Medical Billing Solutions offers comprehensive services tailored to fit the needs of each individual practice while getting to know the practice on a personal and professional level.

With our extensive knowledge and training, we know how to navigate the maze of insurance billing.  HMBS specializes in providing medical billing services for Neurology, Mental Health, Nutritional Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language  and Sleep Studies healthcare providers.  We offer an easy streamlined process that works best with healthcare and dental practices that want to grow and succeed financially.

If you are frustrated with struggling to grow your private practice and are tired of seeing your accounts receivables increase, HMBS is the right solution to end your sleepless nights and stressful days.


Practice Management
Solutions for Your Practice
We offer Full Service Practice Management for each practice based upon their individual needs. Whether it be Reports, Scheduling, Accounts Receivables and Electronic Health Records Service, we simplify these services to make it easier for your office to operate smoothly and efficiently. Learn More
Patient Billing
Ensuring Billing is Accurate and On time
Patient billing is an area that can build up and fall to the way side if not tended properly. Our expert billers handle all patient billing and we reconcile all outstanding patient bills to ensure our clients receive reimbursement for services rendered. Learn More
Claims Processing
Claims Processed Fast
We offer electronic claims processing for all of our clients and we also submit paper claims to any insurance carrier that accepts paper claims only. By submitting electronic claims this method allows for a speedy rate of return on all insurance claims.  Learn More San Diego Medical BillingSan Diego Medical Billing Processing
Claims Tracking
Diligently Tracking All Claims
The tracking of insurance claims works well when our billers run daily reports to track the status of your claims. We track your claims during the filing process to ensure that all claims are filed accurately and to also maintain a low percentage of rejections. Learn More

Alicia HMBS Owner/President

As a premier medical billing company, we strive to provide our clients with excellent service and increase revenue. ~ Alicia Henderson, Owner

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Henderson Medical Billing Solutions- Solutions for your practice

Solutions for Your Practice Now

Henderson Medical Billing Solution has the right solutions to fit the needs of your practice. From credentialing to contracting we will meet those needs with a professional and personal approach.

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Why Hire Us?

We’re HIPAA Compliant
We work tirelessly to ensure all of our procedures and billing practices are in HIPAA compliance.

Team of Professionals
Our team of professionals are fully certified medical billing specialists. Our diverse backgrounds and attention to detail make our team a great fit for your practice.

We’re Based in the USA
We do not contract with overseas labor. All of our professional medical billers are English speaking and based in the USA.

Useful Resources
Need some best practice tips for your medical practice, use these resources to help.

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